Atıl Ün


Hello there i've born in Istanbul in 1991. I've attended 12 scholastic years like everyone suppose to do in here Turkey . I've finished Aydın Doğan Communication High School in 2009. When i was 9 years old i've started interest on fencing. Later on, in the age of 15 i've started being interested on arts and especially on photography.So i decided to register to Communication High School place that i can learn more about photography and journalism also. After finishing the High School i decided not to study on journalism. My interest was more on art and i wanted to enter Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, which is the best and the most famous university for art in Turkey.

For entrance to this University demands a lot of skills. and the competition to enter is very big. there are a lot of students who are applying but the number of them that can be accepted is very small. For photography there are just 10 places per year, so we can see that it is not very easy and possible for someone to enter there. Their first exam is on general knowledge they're asking fifty question and for passing this first step you must at least answer 20/50. After you pass through second step, believe my friends it is really a hard one you will find 25 visual knowledge questions which you have answer all in 6-7 min. and after all they are doing some maths on your points and then everything will be clear for you. Anyway, i couldn't done this exams at my first try in 2009 but one year later i try it again and then there was i in the Mimar Sinan.

Now i am at the second class third semester(future fourth actually) I have been hard work days and night since i got in but i am happy for it. Now my new plan is to do an Erasmus in Czech Republic i got accepted but there are some problems with the visa we will see...


  • books
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  • documentary photography
  • fencing
  • still life photography


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